Kat Wright - Contact Mix

Hi! I am an audio student at MTSU. My latest assignment for my mixing course was to find a session of our choice to mix and then post it online. I found Kat Wright's session for her single "Contact" on mixoff.org I would love some feedback!

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I actually got my session from https://multitracksearch.cambridge-mt.com/ms-mtk-search.htm my mistake. 
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Hi Taylor, 

So exciting to see all these upcoming mix/recording engineers online.
I know you posted this a while ago and you are probably better but maybe this will still help.

This is actually balanced nicely but needs some help with compression and automation. If you are going for a 70's mix then ok but for a contemporary mix then do this since it is a contemporary type song that a rock band could play.
However, using this type of arrangement is cool.

Guitar gets a little to soft sometimes so compression and or automation. I use vocal rider on all instruments except bass. Bass I use Bass rider. These are great Waves plugins. I can't hear it as well so you may have some reverb but if not I would add.

I would lower the vocal a bit so the horns and other instruments become more present in the mix.
I would like to hear more of the horns in the verse plus they need a little reverb.

Vocal needs a little bit of reverb not wron... (read more)
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Pretty awesome. I would've personally used more spice on the vocals. But they sound good the way they are rn. Maybe 3 db too loud but still good. Instruments sound awesome but are either too quiet, or vocals are too loud. Horns could use a little more spice as well.

Solid 9/10.