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Hey, I'm an audio production student at Middle Tennessee State University, and I just finished one of my labs that involved finding a session online and mixing it ourselves, and then posting it online. I'd love some critiques and feedback on this. Thank you!

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I forgot to link the mix itself, my bad.
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Not a bad job of balancing.

There is lack of depth. In the old days via I am showing my age, it was mix it don't fix it.
Now it is our job to fix it since many people don't know how to record because they are Musicians not Recording engineers.

Technology has made a studio affordable because of software.

If this is a real recording or software. there is no room mics for the depth. 
You will need to add that and it should help the snare as well.
samples will usually do that and you can also send the close mics to a room verb and blend the dry with wet. Either or both,

Snare probably could use some more reverb or maybe turn up the snare and reverb a bit and or
 parallel compression will make the snare cut through or use additional samples.

I really don't like the guitar sound at all for this time of style. They usually have very big on low end and very huge sounding guitars. If you have the DI Amped Roots via free plugin whic... (read more)
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Over all not a bad old school metal kind of vibe. The symbols might be a bit loud in the mix for my taste and the drums could come up in places. Over all you did a good job on it though.