I need some feedback...

It's a jazzy, mellow, pop song, I just wanna know what's wrong with it, I'm honestly proud of it, but I'm still a beginner, so.

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Vocals are very loud not really sitting in the instrumental 
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Crispy vocals though 
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vocals could do with a little multiband compression to bed them in with the mix a touch more, and that beautiful drum part might benefit from some eq boosts
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Hey if you recorded this you did a great job. If virtual instruments, it is a nice arrangement.

Mix wise. I would like to hear more guitar. It sounds a little muffled which is ok for the raw sound.
3k can make it stand out and make it pop but try a little 8k first and see if that works.
I like both sometimes. A sweep within those frequencies can determine what is best,

I  would like to hear more of the overheads and the snare needs a little work, Open it up with the 8k area. After that if you want to get a little more sizzle a Pultec type eq at 10k is good.

Vocal sounds great.

 A little bus compression would tighten things up. I like SSL type but there are others that will work.  Using saturation on every track. I use an actual console simulator.

I don't know whether that is a real bass or not. Sounds like ez bass.
To me sounds like the strings have not been changed for a while after playing a lot.
no top end at all.  
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Vocals gave me an eargasm. Just bring them a bit down and work on the other elements some more. Great work on the vocals.