The Veil- NoEqPlease


This is a mix I did last year. Let's see what you guys do to it.
Although I included a PT session file, feel free to ignore that.
All the audio starts at the same time.
The Tempo is 134 bpm.

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Song has a really cool feel to it.  I didn't rearrange at all.  Vocals reminded me of REM.
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Really liked working with this one on another late night headphone mix.  Took me back to one of my favorite 80's bands "Icehouse."

For this mix I washed the vocals in a lush verb.  Featured the bassline more and ran it through a filter to create a more bouncy, funky interest.
Created more bottom on the kick and created a stereo delay effect for the snare to give it a spacial snap.  Assorted other features.

Oh the eighties.
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Thank you for sharing the tracks!

I could see SAGA doing that song.. ;)
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I took a crack at it and tried to approach it kind of like a John Foxx song or something.
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What fun!  32 tracks!  Damn!

And the vocalist sounds like Maynard ...
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I completely re-did the drums and bass. The drums I went back to 1986 and went for a real drummer sitting behind a Simmons kit, quite possibly sporting a trendy mullet.
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Dove & Korma Klown - love your mixes!  Very much in the Icehouse/Flowers vein....Vocals are spot on! Dove, you have to be an Aussie too (or maybe from NZ?) - oh, the '80's - I remember them too well!
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Hehe! I tried to get the early Iva Davies vocal sound. I stole the Kick and Snare from Pseudo Echo. Love 80s Oz rock!!
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Hi guys. Wonderful website!!! And here's my first participation. I like the song and the way the singer sings it. I will critique the other mixes soon.

Keep mixin!!
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noeqplease:  I loved this song from when I first heard it; I sought not to improve the mix so much as just try to do it. I like this just fine, altho' I might like a touch more ambience and smear on the instruments; the hard-pans are a bit distracting and I didn't like the segue at 2:30 as it seemed abrupt when that synth came in.  A much more early 80's feel than I did here - very cool.  Who, BTW, is the singer?

loon: no problems that I hear here, either.  I do prefer the more centered pans; the drums may be a touch high , and/or the vocal a touch low.  And the mix is rather dry ...

dove: Aiight, I hear that 80's Aussie thing - man I loved that stuff!  Nice FX on the bass and I like the synths coming in and out, lotsa candy ...

mixon-mixoff: review forthcoming

KOMA KLOWN: review forthcoming

THF: review forthcoming
Hi vvv,

It is a guy in the MidWest of America (go figure).
The mix is done to his specifications. He loves the 80's synth pop bands, and had me get as close as possible with what he ha... (read more)