These Pictures, Mix and make additions as you please

This was the first song I ever wrote and recorded. I was going through all my files, cleaning up my system and I saw it and thought it might be fun to post it here and see what you guys come up with.

Here's a link to the original version of the mix (brace yourself, it's really rough),

and the link for the tracks,

Please feel free to do whatever you want to it, add tracks etc...

Have fun!

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I most likely won't add tracks or anything but I'll give you my vision for what I would have done.

I really enjoy working with singer/songwriters and acoustic stuff, never imagined I would've but I think the reason I do is because
sometimes it's nice to only have a few elements and take a break from big set ups and stuff.
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Nice sounding song. I think I will fool around with a mix.
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npulsipher, nice song and I already did a mix, but I would like to add some tracks. But... did you tune your guitar to A 440 Hz? A quick check on the keyboard (pressing some notes on the keyboard to find out the key) did not work out and I have been off all the time. Either my ears start to really get old or your guitar hasn't been tuned to A 440Hz. Can you tell which key(s) this song is and what tuning?
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I did a mix, but I still have to work out a way to post it... :) I don't think there's a way to upload it directly to this site, is there?
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Here ya go. I've been super busy.
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Click "Reply" instead of using quick reply and click "additional options" and you'll see the attachment area.
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Here's my mix.
The vocals went through a Distressor with a very fast attack time to smooth out the S's and T's and control the level. Then I used the Waves SSL G-Channel to cut out some low-mids at about 400 Hz and bring in some high end at about 10 KHz.
The vocals would benefit from some tuning here and there, but the song does not seem to be tuned at 440Hz, so I skipped that.
For reverb, I used a Behringer V-Verb Pro (Vintage 250 preset).
In the choruses, a delay feed is automated on some spots.

The guitars go through the Waves MPX master tape, then into the Waves SSL buss compressor and finally into the SSL G-Channel for some heavy EQing (HPF 80Hz, -8 dB@500, -5dB@2.5K, +1@9K). Again a send into the V-Verb.

On the 2bus, I inserted my SSL clone, Waves MPX and the T-Racks Brickwall Limiter.

I appreciate any comments.

The guitars sound quite mono, although we have 2 different takes to play with, so I'd sp... (read more)
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I believe this song merits an intimate treatment. The last mix was way too compressed, killing intimacy, in my opinion.

Here's my 'intimate' take on the mix.

The vocals take center stage and the guitars recede into the back. I think the vocals should definitely be showcased and the guitars should take back stage.
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copperx, you were right about the compression on my mix.
Your mix is very nice, but I noticed some things:
- There's too much reverb on the vocals to let them really be "intimate".
- On the vocals, the S's and T's could be smoother
- The guitars have an imbalance to the left

I updated my mix and re-EQ'd the guitars and vocals and sent the vocals through an ART Pro VLA II compressor instead of the Distressor and the guitars through my SSL buss compressor clone to get a more smooth and less obvious compression.

EDIT: morning mixes usually turn out crappy and so did this. Therefore, I updated the mix.
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RiF, I like your new mix a lot.

I think it is almost there.

The only thing I feel is that the guitars are stepping over the voice frequency-wise.