[Cover] Live - Freaks

Here are the raw tracks of a recording of Live's 'Freaks'.

I asked some musician friends to record two cover-tracks with me. This is the first song we did. I documented the process here:


[size=14pt=14pt]General information:[/size]

* Here's a reference track to see if you have everything and to get a general idea of what's in the downloads: http://www.unseensound.com/Freaks_MixOff/Freaks_rec_final.mp3. Note that this is NOT my final mix, just what I ended up with after tracking. I'll start from scratch for my 'official' mix of this...
* All tracks are 24Bit/48Khz wave files of the same length...
* The tempo of the song is 192BPM...

* The drums were edited to the grid after recording. This was because it was bashed in over the original track by Live and that wasn't tracked to a specific tempo as far as I could tell. I wanted to be able to edit everything so I made it fit to the nearest tempo I could establish. Because all other tracks were recorded over these edited drums, uploading the original unedited recordings would be pointless...
* All other tracks are unedited and untuned...
* We recorded the song tuned down one step to better suit the vocalists range...
* Soundwise, we aimed for 'ballpark', not an exact copy of the original. So trying to copy the sound in your mix will probably be hard.
* There are more tracks then you'll probably need. I aimed to double every guitartrack and vocal to give everyone as many options as posssible. There is no need to use all the tracks, pick and choose what you feel you need...

[size=14pt=14pt]The files:[/size]

http://www.unseensound.com/Freaks_MixOff/DrumBass.zip (488MB)
This is the largest file to download containing the Drum and Bass tracks (duh)...

http://www.unseensound.com/Freaks_MixOff/GuitarPod.zip (196MB)
These are all the processed guitartracks. If you won't be reamping or using amp-sims, you'll need this...

http://www.unseensound.com/Freaks_MixOff/GuitarDI.zip (175MB)
These are the same tracks, but recorded through a DI. For re-amping or amp-sims...

http://www.unseensound.com/Freaks_MixOff/GuitarTube.zip (196MB)
The same tracks but recorded through a tube-preamp. For re-amping or amp-sims...

http://www.unseensound.com/Freaks_MixOff/Vox.zip (98MB)
The vocals...



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Thanks for the tracks rite! I came up with this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23688706/freaks.mp3
There are things to improve but this is it for now, have to get back to it later!
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Although the drum tracks were edited to grid, I decided to tighten them even more and did some beat-detecting across the whole
drum tracks. The verses were done with looser feel of 50% and the choruses with a tighter 70%.
I had some trouble getting the snare stand out from the rest of the kit. The drummer here did fine, but if he would take some time
to learn the rimshot technique, the quality of his recordings would rise dramatically even with the same mic setup.
My answer to getting some punch to snare and helping the leakage coming from it (despite the gating) was to add a little sample to the
chorus parts.

After some consideration I decided to reamp all the guitars here. I've experimented with reamping just a little bit in the past, but decided
that now I've got a chance to get familiar with Eleven amp simulator. So all the Amps are from Eleven and all the stomp effects (rotary
speaker sim, whammy and slapback delays) ar... (read more)
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Spede: Thanks for the comments, you're right! Didn't get my toms exactly the way I wanted and yeah, maybe the kick could use some more tweaking. I decided not to use the offered DI tracks because I'm lazy, but if I would have, I would have used more distorted guitars in the chorus. I could however bring them up more in my mix, you're right now that i'm listening this. I listened to your mix and there is really nothing I could complain about, I can here everything clearly and it's punchy, you've obviously done this before!:) I like more wet mixes like my own but that's just personal preference on the soundscape. Your mix is excellent.
Thanks. It seems that my taste regarding the reverb really seems to be on the dry side, many seem to comment it that way ;D
I was actually complimenting you regarding those wicked-sounding toms... (read more)
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Nice work guys. I'm gonna finish my own mix first (hopefully this weekend), but I'll be sure to throw some feedback your way when I post it.

Meanwhile, a question for Spede: Did you use the DI guitars or the Tube guitars to re-amp?
The DI guitars only. I made an assumption that the Tube guitars were an actual preamp of a guitar amp. In other words one would out just a cab sim
over it, which would've limit my options on ch... (read more)
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The Tube tracks are basically a DI signal, but with a little bit of tube colouration, which helps the bottom end survive the amp-sims a little better in my opinion. It's a bit of an experiment though, that's why I was wondering if others checked them. I used them exclusively so far in my mix, so we should be able to compare notes on it a bit, which is what it's all about after all :)
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Here's mine then. I guess it's kinda final, although I'm far from satisfied. I need a long break from this project before I get back to it or I might start throwing things at my screen...


I'll get back to you folks with some feedback when I haven't just been listening to my own version for 4 hours :)
The mix sounds finished and balanced, yet I can hear small artifacts of continuous working without breaks.
First of all there's some heavy compression going on in the drums. You'v... (read more)
Yeah I screwed up terribly when I did some quick mastering after the mix. The next day was awfull... I should know better by now, but this project is frustrating me... Expect a revision soon (and f... (read more)
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I have a huge revision coming up, but I decided to let it rest for a bit before I put it up this time (like I should have done before)... In the meantime, here's some feedback:


* The first thing I noticed is the fact that the verses have more 'weight' to them then the chorusses. Could work if intended, but sounds a bit off to me at first...
* The chorusses seem a bit unbalanced l/r due to the distorted guitar only being used on one side...
* Kick could use some low end...
* Snare sounds a bit far away..
* Vocals sound good, very natural...
* I like the overdrive on the bassguitar. I mostly just use it to make it easier to compete with guitars, cool to hear it used as an effect...
* Overall balance is good...


* I like the distortion guitars, very crunchy...
* Tom treatment is very nice, I always struggle with those...
* Fx on the clean guitars from the second verse on is very cool...
* Sounds a bit dr... (read more)
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Well here is my version of the track.


I used the pod tracks rather than re-amping.

I tried to achieve a dreamy quality to the track  with reverb but also added some lofi grit and leslie cab effects to help add some character to guitars and drums.

hope you like it

This is a LOUD mix! It's louder than Californication. ;D
Maybe little too loud, since it feels like the lead vocals in the chorus are distorting against the master limiter.
Also, there's se... (read more)
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I'd be happy to tell you what I think if you provide some feedback for Spede and/or Kzu  :) (don't bother with mine, I have complete remix coming up soon)
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Oh boy am probably going straight to hell for this one!...... I replace all the drums with superior drummer.....
Its the first time I tryed to replace a hole kit with SD so there are a few mistakes here and there with cymbals and hat.
But otherwise it went pretty well for a first time I think.
I used the POD gtrs and augmented the Chorus gtrs with sans amp
Used pretty much all the vocals except one of the leads.

Hope you like it