A mix I've done, needing overall feedback

I've been struggling to have all the instruments work together and sound cohesive. I'm not very proud with where the guitars are at, they don't really stand out, so I've love input on those.
Also any tips on fx, I'm still experimenting with delays and reverbs that work best for the track. Vox sound a little dry still. 


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Here it is, haha 
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Hi I suggest bass and kick to have more punch in the low end to have a bit more loudness. also the toms and snare a bit more high frequency they sound a bit thin, the guitar cut slightly (hole) around 3-4k but leave the high frequencies to have the voice sitting better in the base, the voice mid tones can be then lowered so that the voice should not sound dry...  

I hope this helps, all the best!
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I'm not in my studio but familiar with my studio headphones which I have.

Kick sounds punchy enough that is opinion. Toms yes need high eq.
Guitars if you like them great don't worry about them.
If you don't like them as much and don't have a real amp, I like Amped Roots for this type of music.
One of the amps is free and the others mute out but play most of the time,
so you could punch in or buy it.

Your drums are what is making it not sound real. You are probably using drum software.
If you are, nothing wrong with that but in the real world of recording your overheads and room mics are what make the snare and toms sound huge.  If your overheads don't have hardly any snare then you are going to have to use another software. I like Get Good drums.

So try with your software this, first get overheads with cymbals and all leakage. Then at least a close room pair and farther pair.
Outside kick or sub plus inside kick. Top and bott... (read more)
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hey juiceboxx.....i like the track! 

honestly, it sounds pretty good! maybe a bit too soft compared to "modern" volume standards....id try get it closer to most streaming standards 14LUFS etc. 

balance sounds pretty good, but i hear what you mean about guitars lacking "punch" and thickness. i am NOT a pro and also only scratch my way through my own mixes, so i cant really give you any advice.

on the flip side though, this is the kind of music i love to practice mixing. would you be open to sharing your multitrack/stems so i can try my hand at it? we could compare our mixes and if you like anything in mine, i can tell you how i did it? not sure if that would help ? :) cheers
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Hi, sounds to me like u need more low end. Not a lot, just couple of dBs. The vocals needs some more reverb and it sits above everything in this mix right now. Like I said, if u turn the lows up, u probably won't need to turn vocals down. Also, your overheads are kinda loud. Turn them down and make some space for the guitar around the 5-8kHz area(u can try like a high shelf right before the lp filter). Just be careful for nasty frequencies. Also, I do this all the time, scoop it! Go to ur master track and don't cut mids, boost only the highs and lows, then tweak the mids if u feel like so.
Hope that helped, good luck!
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The over all balance seems good but the mix as a whole is a bit dull needs some brightening up. The bass gar might be a bit loud detracting from the stereo image try turning it down 3db or so while also turning the guitars up about 3db. toms are too dull and a have a bit too much bass.
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What I would have done to help with your guitars, and I'm no expert by any means, but I would've given the bass more low end and cut some mids from the guitars. Kick sounds great. 
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The bass sounds really good but I think it's overpowering the guitars too much. Overall though, the mix sounds really clear. 
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What effects on vocals? Chorus? Doubler?
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Just needs overall tightness and warmth. Also, make it a little louder to -8 to -10 lufs. But your mixing is pretty damn nice. It just needs to be mastered to add little bit tightness and warmth