Need help with mixing

This is a mix I started on and I quite can’t seem to get it right, can someone else mix it for me to show me how it’s suppose to me at Pcgmizzybeats I’ll send the stems or the session to you...I used fl studio 20

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For me honestly, Vocals are way to high in the mix, Vocals should sit just under.
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Yooooo I can mix it for you send me a email 
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The vocal are differently too high. They also sound to dry. The low end is clashing with the bass. Send me the stems. I'll mix it for you for free and send you the FLP.

The verses and the adlibs don't blend well either. The production and lyrics are dope. Let me polish it with it a dope mix.

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Ill totally mix it for you! just send the stems!
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Hmmm How come nobody uploaded a mix?? 
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Stems were never sent