I'll highly appreciated if I can get feedback on my mix!

Hey all. I'm doing all by my self (recording all instruments, singing, mixing, etc) at home and learning a ton in the process. I'm really new and started recording my songs last year. I've heard cool things about this community! Thank you all in advance! BTW I'm based in Mar del Plata, Argentina! 

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Hi there!
I think it sounds really good!
All it needs is just polishing on individual channels.
For example, the vocal could be more crispy if you use some opto compressor and some EQ.
If you need some help with that, feel free to contact me at jaymee.music@gmail.com
Take care!
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I really enjoy the arrangement, very well put together song. Whole mix needs more high end, try adding a 2db high shelf at 8-10k. Seems like the bass drops out when electric kicks in, not sure if that was planned? Everything sounds pretty well mixed just need little more air.