Would love some critical feedback, good or bad!

Recorded my band with a one mic setup, spent half an hour doing my best to master it purely in my iPhone:’) sorted the bass out so it has a more old school/reggaeish sound where you’d benefit having decent head/earphones to listen through, just love that sound! 
Would love some feedback, any kind of advice or comments welcome 😁

Love James x

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Another tune from the session, enjoy (or not)!
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Hi James!

I can tell that you are great musicians in your band!
When it comes to drums, the EQ is a bit too much. There are lot of bad high frequencies in your mix.
But these are mistakes that can be repaired very easily.
If you need some help with that, feel free to contact me at jaymee.music@gmail.com
Take care!
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you guys are great players! Really groovy and engaging. I also love the dynamics of the track. The kicks hit hard and it sounds tight and exciting overall (in my somewhat underqualified opinion)
I think you're overall lacking some lower mid frequencies, and the highs could use some taming. 
I would boost the sax and snare however I could (maybe eq, in this case). The snares and toms fills (like at 0:21) sound significantly quieter than the kicks & cymbals as well. 
Not sure if you like the ringing at 1:36 but I would consider using a surgical eq to take it down in level, as it's distracting me from the cymbal rhythm.