A mixing beginner, anything blaringly wrong about this quick mix?

I'm a beginner and haven't spent a lot of time mixing, but have been recording for about 5 years. Wondering if there's anything that stands out as "that shouldn't sound like that," or something. If I were to guess some issues - maybe vocal harshness/ de-essing? How are the drums or overall levels (bass to high)?

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I think the instruments need some EQ especially in the high frequencies above 2k.
It could use some mixing as well.
But overall it is a very interesting track!
If you need help with any of that, feel free to contact me at jaymee.music@gmail.com
Take care and keep doing what you’re doing! 
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Yo, what's good!

I love the synth, sounds nice & clean. I would bring the drums up front, put in some mids to emphasize the rythm.
Depends on the sound you're looking for.

But for a quick mix not too bad, bro.