Lost Paradise

Hello kids!

i thought i should put a Hip Hop song for you guys to mix. (not exactly pure hip hop. more like a hybrid of Rap/Rock/Electronica/World music)

Song Title: Lost Paradise
BPM: 90
Music: Irawan Gani
Lyrics: Irawan Gani and Mr Mo Skilz
Rap: Mr Mo Skilz
Vocals: Fhumble Fhingaz

there are 3 ways you can go about mixing this.

1 - a straight up mix. no additional adds.

2 - a shortened version.

3 - a remix. do whatever you would like to with it. turn it into dubstep, trance etc etc.

ok kids. HAVE FUN!

you can download the stems here:

1 - Beats and Percussions
2 - Guitars and Sitars
3 - Keys Synths Bass
4 - Vocals

i have attached the original mix onto this post.

NOTE: Big thanks to Fhumble and Mo for the vocals. they were fantastic!

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Hey. I'm downloading these right now. There's some problem with the download links. My browser says: "Safari can't open the page" and the actual
hyperlink reads like this: http://"https://files.me.com/irawan_gani/m32x9l" which I managed to overcome with removing the dittos and the extra http://.
Is this problem only with Safari, or with everything else too? Should you change the links?
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thats my bad brotha. in the cutting and pasting i forgot to check if the link was 'worded' properly. i've checked it. it should be fine now. Download away!
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I´ll give this a go this week 8) sounds awesome! :D
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Right! last mix before im of on holiday! ;D did a mix of this today!
Wheew man that was a tough one!... This is differnetly not what im used to work with, so this was a welcome challenge for me to tryout. Thx for uploading! 8)
I just did a regular mix!, what I found hardest was getting the vocals to sit right and the Acc gtrs :D
Nice song and production really liked the feel of it.
This was really fun and challenging to mix for me. Had me scrathing my head a few times going what the H*** am I gonna do here!? ;D
Anyway hope you like it
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sounds alright so far. wont be able to give a proper assessment till i come back from my holidays. thanks morten.
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Here's my mix (so far without any autotune). I was going with the idea to make it sound kind of big and wide. Of course any kind of feedback would be welcome.


@MortenDK Nice mix! You've done a great job on those drums! It's funny how much our mixes actually differ :-) This makes mixing so much fun!
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Hey Buddy I cant listen to it!?.
Can you upload an mp3 or something course that wav isnt working with Itunes or wmp!?
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Uups, I was not intending to upload a wave file. Thanks for pointing that out! I just uploaded a mp3 file. The original link has been replaced.
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Heh! yea they do differ! :D
Nice mix like the low end you got going, tho the drums sounds are kinda Ballad like, like very sustained!, and for a number like this with a lot stabs and tight keys and pads, short sound effects. I feel the drum sounds are a little off and kinda take center stage too much, its kinda the focus point.
I like the delay on the chorus vocals alot!.
Over all this is pretty damn good mix!, its just the wrong drum sound for my taste! :)
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Thanks Morten, you have a point there! I always tend to over-do the low end and drums. I will try to make them tighter with a transient shaper and thin them out a little bit. What's the secret to your drums in this mix? Did you put on a bus compressor on the drums bus with a very fast attack and release to get this kind of "pumping/klicking"?

Take care!