my mix of bourbon time by freund hein for critique

I'd love some comments on my mix. I used the real drums and did not add any samples.


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Very difficult to give any positive feedback without also discussing the musical arrangement, so here it comes:

- Gates are really hard-gated, maybe try a lower threshold and also a longer hold-time = more drums, especially the kick is more a click, than a kickĀ 
- Talking about kick. I am missing some kick low-end, in general
- I am missing low-end in the mix
- I would suggest using other reverbs - on the vocal maybe a low-feedback delay (250-300ms) + reverb in a chain - on the drums, try a plate or an ambient type of reverb (not gated hard!) and try work with the drums to give them 'a special spatial' sound
- GTRs are panned L/R more or less all the way to either sides - try get some more into the center (I would suggest some low-end GTR to go center, as this would ad to overall low-end)
- Musical arrangement: There are very little progression in the arrangement, I know that app. 2:50 into the track there is an up-tempo 8 or so bar, but thereafter the s... (read more)