How can I improve my mixing on this song?

Trying to figure out what I can do to make it sound even better I recorded the vocals and mixed and mastered it myself.
The microphone used was the SM7B running into an SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Pre
Other than that any feedback would be great only looking for mix and mastering advice


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the kick sounds very punchy, and over powers the mix. if you're compressing the kick it you might need to adjust your attack and release. if you aren't compressing the kick, maybe turn it down a couple db, or cut out some of the punch in the eq (100 HZ range). Im pretty new, and I might be wrong. but the song overall is balanced well, and sounds great. 
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You have T's and S's poking out too harshly and I think the high frequencies on the vocals are a bit too dynamic, not sure but maybe I'll play around with it with a reliable Multiband Compressor cause the Airy part (10-15k hz)) is kind of taking over the rest of the vocals when he goes falsetto, for me personally at the very least.
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Awesome track by the way. For me, it sounds like the vox are fighting with the instruments just a little bit when everything is playing at full swing. *Maybe the clap?)  Maybe take the vox up a notch. I would add a little more reverb (space) and saturation on the lead well. The production is stellar.  Well done 

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Hey MMXL0nely, cool sounds. Nice Production. Everything sounds good. Just bring up the lead vocals and add some girth to the vocal. Make it stand out like a superstar. Bring out the falsettos as they are really nice. Other than that, get that out there man. Sounds great. Marc