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Just want feedback on this 2 track

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give files pls

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I can still here muddiness/boxyness on the vocals. Both static and dynamic eq should take care of it. could also use harmonic exciter on the higher frequencies and a little bit more tightness using a compressor. 
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yo send the files! sounds like your voice needs some eq.
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Vocals could use some saturation and some 8k brightness added. I would also remove a bit of 100k and use 2 compressors for vocals. 1st compressor shoould just cathc the peaks in your recording and the second should be around -5 of gain reduction. Thats just my personal thoughts

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Listening on DT990s Pro Edition.
I like the levels, I think it could be a bit more dynamic. Vocal lows are too prominent in my opinion, and they need to be cut or reduced a little. The guitar is the main melody and it doesn't feel like it. More presence for it, panned left right too, I'm not sure what else. That is all my opinion. I'm not an expert.