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Have been mixing for about 5 months consistently now and this is my most recent mix of some stems i found online. What do you guys think I should do to make it sound better?

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the tones are really appropriate and cohesive.
what hear is that when the song gets big, your track gets smaller. 
overall compression and limiting is just too much and in the wrong spot. it sounds as if you created all your settings at the top of the song where dynamically everything feels nice. but then all the energy comes in and the track clamps down and you lose all the movement, all the space. 

my suggestion would be to remove all buss compression and limiting, re mix in those effects at the biggest (most energy) part of the song and get your feel. then be sparing with your makeup gain on limiting.
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I really enjoy the sound of the lead vocal, the vocoder vocal call backs need to be down little more in the mix, and I don't feel enough energy when the chorus hits, bump up the volume in the chorus and try adding a compressor medium fast attack/fast release with some gain reduction only on the chorus. Try it and hopefully it helps
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Really well done. Sounds in balance to me. I do agree that the background vocoder vocal should come down a little and there should be more automation throughout the track (Specifically the chorus). May I ask where you got the stems online?
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can i get the mix in 24bit/44khz waf or AIFF not the master, with no sum compression or limitiing... i need tracks to learn improve mastering
I will release an AB comparison @ my youtube: SOS-Mastering
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Hey, I wanna try this myself (for fun). Could you tell me where you got the stems?