Mixoff Contest with Barry Wood - Win Barry's New Book!

THIS MULTITRACK HAS BEEN MOVED, YOU CAN NOW FIND IT HERE: http://mixoff.org/AllHandsLost-Ambitions.zip

Barry Wood, author of the new book "Waves Plug-Ins Workshop: Mixing by the Bundle" has graciously agreed to serve as judge on a mixoff!

And the great band 'All Hands Lost' from Detroit has agreed to provide a track to mix! You can read about them here: http://www.reverbnation.com/allhandslost

The rules for this contest will be the same as for the previous mixoff contest, you can submit a first mix, which Barry will critique, until July 19th. After that, you'll have another week or so to submit a revised mix, taking any of Barry or the bands' (or anyone who cares to comment!) input. You can do whatever you need to get the best mix, no references from the band, but it wouldn't hurt to choose one or two yourself!

UPDATE: Submission deadline for revised mixes is July 28th!

Barry will select a winner by the end of July, who will receive a copy of Barry's book: Waves Plug-Ins Workshop: Mixing by the Bundle!

The raw FLAC files can be found here: http://mixoff.org/AllHandsLost-Ambitions.zip

And here's a quick mix I did, so you can hear the track. It's a pretty basic mix, no automation, just basic eq, compression, a little reverb and one delay for the vocals (ok, a little detune on those, too!): http://mixoff.org/AmbitionsJohnSuitcaseMix1.mp3

Good luck, have fun!


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Vocals sound like Tool.  Should be a blast to mix.  Will volume be a factor in the judging?
While this isn't a mastering competition, so volume shouldn't be a consideration, a mix which is easy to master to be competitive will probably be a better mix, in the end. So, don't apply masterin... (read more)
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First off, I'd like to thank John for inviting me to judge the mixoff contest, this should be fun.

To expand on John's response about loudness, you are free to use whatever 2-bus processing that you might like to mix with but please don't end up with something that's so devoid of headroom and dynamics that it would cause the mastering engineer to send you a nasty note.

I've downloaded the tracks myself and done some poking around. The basic drum/bass/guitar/vocal instrumentation doesn't leave you with anything to hide behind, all the elements will need to really stand up on their own in the mix. This ought to be interesting :)
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This should be good! ;D
Looking forward to it. And Barry Thanks for taking the time to do this!, and help us out in our mixing endeavors. 8)
See you all in the mixoff  :D
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Decent tune...should be fun to mix.
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So. I guess the actual mixoffs come here?


Very skillful singer indeed! With such talent there's a small possibility that this band could end up somewhere :)
There's nothing extra added to here apart from one little string thing for the choruses. That was little weird situation for me; usually on a mixdown
I'm muting and removing all the excessive stuff, not the other way around.

This has been mastered. But on to a quite low level. The Wavs dynamic range is "11" (TT DR offline meter), something they would have done in the early to
mid nineties. 
Sorry for the lag in my critiques, I've been pretty busy around here.

So far there have been four mixes submitted and I'm numbering them in order of submission as I download them so I can ... (read more)
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downloading now - what key is the song (or various parts) in?
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Two questions before I dive into this wonderful tune:

* Was it recorded to a click and if so: What's the tempo?
* Any chance I could have a glance at the lyrics?
I've forwarded these to the band, should have that stuff soon, I hope!

Listening to the tracks, I heard a couple of spots where some timing edits might help add a little punch, but overall... (read more)
Did you track this by the way John?

I agree that the sound of the vocalist is great and the pitch is fine, but in all fairness: there are some timing issues with all the tracks. Drums, bas... (read more)
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To me it sounds like the gtrs where recorded to a click... and not present when the drums were recorded... theres like 2 different feels to the tracks, Kinda odd.
But we´ll see how this fairs when I get to it later next week.
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#2 vvv

I do like how the bass anchors the song in your mix, but as others have mentioned, it's probably a bit too much. From a mastering perspective I would have some trouble getting the b... (read more)
Thanx, I'll try those things!
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Aiight, now that my ears are a bit rested I listened to the other mixes so far:

J.S.: about "faders-up", as you said, but hooked me on the song!

Spede: Sounds like you did some EQ on the drums; I hear what yer goin for, altho' I personally like more of a integrated kit sound, but yer frequency-separation and highlight of the snare is impressive.  Nice job on cleaning up the vox, and the bass - I found the bass in particular a bit muddy, and still, in my mix.

I agree with the above comment, BTW, that the guitars are a bit "tight" vs. the "looser" drums, not really sync'd to the "late" snare, but I rather like that tension!