I'm New! Give this a listen and let me know how it sounds.

I'm pretty new to mixing, but I have been interning/working at my local playhouse. I started fresh about 3 1/2 years ago, and now I'm working on mixing so that I can design a show live once my mentor leaves. my mentor has been giving me pointers, but I thought "why stop there" so I'm gonna start participating in the community, and hopefully learn a lot more!! 

Heres my Mix, and let me know if anything doesn't sound right. I LOVE constructive criticism.
I mixed this whole project on headphones.

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Is there any chance I could get my hands on these stems?  I love this sound, but don't have any bands that sound like this.  It would stay with me and I can share my work with you if you're interested--would not pass along for any credits or whatever.

A few notes/questions from listening to the track.  These are my perceptions and opinions since this is such a subjective thing.
* What headphones are working with?
* Sound's a little muddy.  Guitars could be brightened up and maybe hard-panned left/right.  Same treatment with keys maybe as well.
*  Add a little verb for the vocals and maybe to the overall mix.  Do some frequency shaping to vox so they have their place in the mix.  Some HPF would help.
*  HPF for guitars for sure, a little on the super low subby bass (maybe to 40hz).  HPF on kick to tighten it up a hair.  
*  Shape your instruments bus or just in general scoop a little out of the instruments where the vocals want to be so they can pop more ... (read more)
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your vocal processing is your strongest aspect with the exception that I believe you would get much more clarity by high passing the vocal more to get less of the mud out of the proximity of the microphone.

headphones are tough, through my ears, there is a lot of top end missing, there is zero "air" to this mix. it feels all up front.
the guitars are buried behind the drums and again no clarity.

what I hear is a buildup of low end mush from too much low frequency from each individual track adding up at the end.
the most present item in the mix is the cymbals, which is natural but that is what stands out to me the most so it comes across like you were trying to translate that as the most important aspect of your mix.