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Please critic my mix

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Hey there!
For me it has a lot of boosted high frequencies. It is missing mid fq, which are really important.
But this is an easy fix!
If you need any help with mixing let me know brother!
You can send me an email at

Keep it up!

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its way tooo wide, it takes the focus from the music.
Vocals to thin.

can i get the mix in 24bit/44khz waf or AIFF not the master, with no sum compression or limitiing... i need tracks to learn improve mastering
I will release an AB comparison @ my youtube: SOS-Mastering
files ->
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So the guitar is really nice, now make it consistent in volume by adding a limiter to it and push that out there.
Next, maybe tune the vocal. A little pitchy so, make sure to make it 100% on and out front. The vocalist should sound like a superstar. 
Make the kick more round, add more low-end, try the key of the song, the first or second harmonic of the key will tell you the freq's to push up and what to attenuate ala push up 50hz, but attenuate 300hz/400hz. You can use dynamic eq ala Fabfilter of Waves F6. Try Saturation to push the kick and bass out front ala SSL Saturator.
You got this!!! Marc 
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Hey, what's good!
Good kick, I like the bass. Lowend could be a little tighter, limiter or multiband-comp?
As Jaymee already mentioned the mids are little missing, especially in the guitars and drums.

The vocals are nicely done, good dynamics, nice clarity. You could try & boost some low mids to get more body.

Other than that cool mix, bro!
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bass sounds muddy lack off clarity... imo

thank u for sharing

would you share multitrack stem , I will correct