Any suggestions or advice?

Got this multitrack from Timbaland's masterclass and wanted to see what I could do.  Let me know what you think!

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I personally love how the beat sounds, but the voice is too low, think about starting the gaing staging turning up the lead vox fader and balance the rest according to it, think that its the most important element in the song
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Sounds pretty good. Few notes: Lead Vox should cut through more. Currently sitting under the percussion. I also think the kick needs a little more bite to compliment that 808/ Sounds pretty wide.  Love the reverb plate on the vox as well. Well done. You mind sharing those multitracks? lol 
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can i get the mix in 24bit/44khz waf or AIFF not the master, with no sum compression or limitiing... i need tracks to learn improve mastering
I will release an AB comparison @ my youtube: SOS-Mastering
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Hello Hank, really cool production. Now just bring up that kick, push that vocal out front then add some interesting effects to pop out to keep the listener engaged. You Got This!
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The vocals are low. The drums are in the right place. But the vocals are buried deep in the mix. Cross reference with other songs similar. Barely hear any low frequencies. nice drums though.
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Wow, this sounds great! I really like the way you've layered the different elements of the track together, and the sound design is really well done. The overall mix sounds really full and balanced, and the details you've added really help bring the track to life. I'd love to hear more about your work in the future!