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I'm working on a mix for one of my songs on my upcoming EP, and I would love your feedback to see what I can do to improve.

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Just listened to your track and there is a few things that I noticed;
the idea of panning the different elements of the drums is great but in the whole track the drums lack of energy, the kick is very subtle and the bass absolutely covers it (try to side-chain the kick to the bass).
The synth at 01:10 is so far in the mix and I think it should be really more present because it's the central element at this moment. 
Vocals are nicely treated but lack of top end.
A lot of potential for this song!
Hope my feedback helps, have a great day!
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Hey there.  I just found this site, and I see no comments on your mix so I must assume this place is a ghost town.


Dig the song, lot of good ideas and a catchy melody.  Seemed the drums are a bit 'low profile' for such a driving song, and I listened on various monitors, and there is a lack of low end.  Also, your main vocal sounded like it stayed at the same volume the whole song, even though there were sparse arrangements and then heavy arrangements.  It  alternated between jumping out, and getting buried.  Automation is your friend (compressors too, but not for this extreme I think).

Fun song.

oh, and your techno lead sound has a slower attack, so it sounds like it's dragging bvehind the song.  Move it backwards to groove with the beat. (Or shorten the attack time).


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The vocals are spread out well and balanced good. The bass drum is cutting through well. 
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Hello Ryder, I'm not too familiar with this style of music but as far as mixing, I think I can give a few tips.
What genre/type of group style are you going for?
A/B your mix to theirs and see how it stacks up.
Don't get tricked by loudness. So make sure to level match the record you are A/Bing with, and make sure you are level matching with LUFS as well.
Look into Parallel processing/mixing, to make your mix bigger and in your face.
Sometimes it's good to get someone to mix one of your songs then, try to emulate that mix. You may have to spend money but, it will give you an insight into how to place sounds, vocals, tuning, depth etc.
I have a youtube page that can give you some tips and tricks.
Check me out on Youtube: PlugMein with Marc Ellus

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Marc
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Hey! Cool mix! The only thing I'd probably would do is bring the drums a little more upfront and define them more.
For me it feels like the drums a widely spread but no definition in the middle. Unless it's the sound you're looking for.

The overall mix, listening on tiny speakers, is a little harsh, 2-4k-range. Maybe you could dip the vocals in that area, narrow Q.

Other than that, dig that song, bro, good work.

Hope that helps!
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The drums sound very in the background, over filtered. Voice needs a little autotune(if want to add). the lead synth is very quiet. No actual movement in your mix. The harmonies are a little too dry to be a background vocal. Hi hat is also very hidden. The song requires drums for movement. the reverb on vocals sounds short, but the delay is correct though. makes it sound like you focused more on the vocals! That's what I personally think as a professional engineer.
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Cool i give it a listen